Working Together

Meet Neil Messenger 🔗, the CEO and founder of Professional Independent Wealth Advice Limited (PIWA), a company dedicated to delivering outstanding independent wealth advice. With over 30 years of experience in the financial services industry, Neil has built teams of advisers passionate about providing an exceptional client experience.

Financial advisers in the UK will either be restricted or independent. Restricted advisers make recommendations from a panel of providers or solutions. Independent advisers can choose from the whole market and therefore have a broader range of solutions available.

PIWA are completely independent; we are not aligned with any product provider or solution and act for you at all times.

Why Choose Us? 

Our independence allows us to provide solutions from the entire market, but what sets us apart is our people. It’s not just about the people; it’s also about culture, which is how we live and behave.

We have the systems in place to support advisers to dedicate the maximum amount of their time to their clients because we know that’s what clients and advisers want.

The most significant thing to us all is our clients. In order to provide outstanding client service and add the wow factor to everything we do, we collaborate as a team.

Our clients come from all walks of life.

One thing they all have in common is they’ve been successful in their careers by working hard, pushing barriers, saving and driving forward. They are utilising their skills and knowledge to be successful. 

They have saved and accumulated wealth which has become a bigger and bigger part of their overall financial well-being and future. 

Our clients have engaged us to provide professional advice on the best ways to manage and deploy that wealth to provide security, stability, and a clear path forward to achieve their goals as they move to financial independence.


How We Help

Building Wealth

To become financially independent is a goal of many of our clients. 

Our professional advisers can assist in many ways, 

For example: 

by developing a cash flow model to understand when this will be achieved and advise on appropriate savings vehicles to maximise your returns.

Protecting Wealth:

Once you have identified what you want to achieve and how to do it, many things can blow you off course and erode your wealth. We can put in place solutions to minimise the impact of these, such as insurance products to protect income—investment strategies to hedge against inflation or inheritance tax planning, depending on your needs.

Enjoying Your Wealth:

Moving from earning to enjoying or spending is a huge emotional step for you. You rely on your savings to last a lifetime and provide the income you need to enjoy your retirement. Our professional advisers are very familiar with the steps you need to take and can support you in feeling comfortable and secure in making the right decisions and bringing a wealth of experience to a major life event.

Realising Wealth:

Your bespoke plan will reflect your priorities, whether maximising income, protecting your spouse, or passing wealth to your children.

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